Our Philosophy

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Our Practice Philosophy

Your well-being is our focus.

We treat our patients the same as our family members.

On your first appointment, we will take our time examining you thoroughly and listening to your problems and concerns.

We take our time to come up with a clear diagnosis, and we frequently use a great team of specialists in difficult situations. Consultations with other dental and medical specialists and timely referrals may be necessary in order to provide our patients with the best chances of success for their well-being.

We focus first on the patient's chief concern. We then go over any other problems noted during our comprehensive examination. We dedicate the necessary amount of time to explain to our patients the condition of their oral health:  what we see during the exam, what it means, and the proposed treatment. We discuss why we recommend this particular course of treatment and what happens if left untreated. Our patients are then provided an opportunity to ask questions and get answers to their satisfaction.

Before treatment:

  • We focus on prevention and patient education.
  • We treat small problems before they become big ones.
  • We answer any questions you might have.

During treatment:

  • We keep you informed of the progress.
  • You will have the ability to speed up, slow down, or even stop your course of treatment if personal or scheduling concerns arise.

After treatment:

  • We will follow up as necessary.
  • We will be available to you should you have any questions.
  • We will educate you on proper maintenance and up-keep of your treatment for continued positive results.

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.